Monday, 19 May 2008

2nd post

This is my second entry, seeing as I successfully managed to save my first one! I've played around with the colour scheme on this page - not sure whether I like it or not though but it's definitely more colourful than it was. I've also added a poll to find out how many people believe in aliens. I've had a poll asking the same question on my website since it was launched back in 2000, but at some point it stopped working and I haven't bothered to remove it (in fact, I may do that after I've done this). From what I remember, about 70% of people who completed it said they believed in the existence of aliens. Nobody appears to have voted on the poll on this page, which probably means that nobody has visited this page. So I'm probably talking to myself. In that case, I'll ask myself how I'm doing. "Hi Bob! How am I?" "Really? That's great to hear, I'm good too."

Anyway, other than playing around with the colours on this page and putting on a poll, only for nobody to use it (!), I've also been busy updating my website. Over the last few years, more and more sections have been getting added to the site, such as a chronology of space exploration, Ask an Alien and, erm, I can't remember what else, but there are some other new sections that have been added anyway. However, the main control panel used for browsing the site at the top of most pages (the one below)

hasn't been updated for a few years, so the only way of finding the new sections is from the main screen, which a lot of people don't go back to once they are on their tour of the solar system, meaning that nobody gets to visit these new sections which I spent weeks and weeks and weeks creating! Soooooo, I've created a brand new control panel and placed it on some pages to test it.
It can be seen at the top of all of the pages in the Mars section ( and some others too, and will gradually be on all pages, but if you can't be bothered to go there, here's what it looks like.

Nice, isn't it? Well, I like it anyway. As well as designing a new control panel with new links, I've also been putting together some other new pages, which aren't yet completed but the test versions of the pages are on the site. There's a section about astronomy and astronomers ( which I feel like I've been developing for years. The Space A-Z ( is being expanded, so it now contains more than three words and has a page for each letter of the alphabet (suppose it's better than it being a Space A-B!), and I'm also putting together a section called On this Day in Space. Basically, you'll be able to pick any day of the year, and find out what space events happened on that day. The section is nowhere near finished yet, but you can see some test pages at which lists events from April 6th. Pages up to April 12th are also available, but the rest of the year hasn't been uploaded yet.
So, that's an update on what's currently happening on my website. I'll be back soon!
Bob the Alien

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