Saturday, 25 October 2008

New website!

Whoops! Not updated for a while again. This post is more of an advert for a new website I'm developing. Some of the most popular pages on Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System are the fact pages (the ones featuring ten or more facts about each of the planets). By far, they are the most visited pages every day, proving that visitors to my website want quick, straight to the point, information. More than likely, it's for a school project that requires you to find "ten facts about" a planet, and it's been left to the last minute! So, I thought I'd branch out a little and offer a website which provides ten facts about other subjects. The site, which will be called Ten Facts About... is fairly simple in its aims. Everyday, I will add ten facts about a subject. The subject matter can be anything (in the first month, I have facts ready for subjects such as pumpkins, the White House, Sonic the Hedgehog and Halley's Comet). The facts usually have some relevance to the day they get added. After publication, they will be put into a category so visitors can search for facts based on the date of publication or their category. The site will launch on 31st October 2008, and I will be back here on that day to provide the link to the site. Below is a screenshot of what a page from the website should look like. The example facts are temporary and will be replaced with the proper facts by launch.

Anyway, that's my little advert out of the way. Although I will be doing that website, that doesn't mean I'm giving up with this one. Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System will still be updated and maintained, and is due to get a proper facelift early in 2009 seeing as it's hardly changed for the last eight years!


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