Thursday, 15 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok, so it's slightly late, but welcome to 2009! Bob the Alien has been a busy alien over the Christmas and New Year period, beavering away at updating the look to his website. The planets, moon and Sun pages are all done now, but will be updating again soon with a slight colour change. Other sections have seen updates. The astronomy section, which is still in development, has received its new look and a new page too! (The Scientific Age of Astronomy). A page about famous astronomers is in development but is likely to be one of those pages which gets published as complete and added to over time. Space Exploration is next on the list to be revamped. At the moment, you'll probably find that going to some pages on the site takes you to on old style version of the page. Over the next month or so, this should all be sorted to add consistency to the entire website and make navigation easier. One thing I've noticed about the new look is how difficult it sometimes is to navigate the site through the old style pages. So I believe changing the look and making naviagtion easier is nothing but good news for the website and looking at visitor numbers, it looks like you think so too! Once the new look is complete, I'll be updating some of the older pages, and then I'll be looking at expanding sections!

2009 is looking to be an exciting year for Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System!

Bob the Alien

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