Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New pages and updates

It's been a busy few weeks here at Bob the Alien towers. While astronauts are up in space fixing and improving the Hubble Space Telescope, I've been adding new stuff to my site. It's also been a record breaking period of time with the website breaking its record for the most number of visitors in one day when it received 1630 visitors on 13th May. So I would like to say a big thank you to all visitors who continue to support this site.

As far as developments go, firstly I've made it easier to send me emails. Selecting the Email option from the top of each page will take you to a page containing a simple form. Fill it in, click on "send" and you're done! There's also a similar form for the Ask an Alien section, so you can send any queries you have about space within seconds, or minutes, or however long it takes to write out your question and press send.

Other recent additions include "The Rise and Fall of Pluto", a page which tells the story of the discovery of Pluto, its recent demotion to dwarf planet and new status as Plutoid and a new page called "Modern Astronomy" which provides information about modern astronomy (believe it or not!). A profile of Edwin Hubble has also been added to the Famous Astronomers section. Currently in development is a page about living in space, one about the future of space exploration and a page about space exploration. After completion, a new page about the lifecycle of stars will finally appear (the page was actually planned when the site was originally created back in 2000 and has always had a presence on the site despite containing no content!).

So that's the plan for developments in the near future. Will update again soon!

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